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Should You Make the Switch to Facebook Subscribe?

What is the Facebook Subscribe option?

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Should You Make the Switch to Facebook Subscribe?
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The Facebook subscribe option is simple and easy, but it may not be for everyone. To learn more about it, lets go through some basic information regarding the “Subscribe Button.” If you would like to share your Facebook posts with users other than your friends, this option may be for you. With the Subscribe button, your subscribers will see the content that you set to be viewed by the “public.” Look at the screen-shot that shows the controls that you have when you post to your subscribers. The subscribe option is only available to individuals, not pages, groups, or brands.

What happens when a user chooses to “Subscribe” to someone’s profile?

When an individual “Subscribes” to another persons profile, they do not have to be “confirmed” like with the “Add Friend” option. This means, that even without being confirmed, those who subscribe will see that individuals personal updates in their news feed. There is also no limit to the amount of Subscribers that a user can have. In addition, subscribers can choose whether they see all your updates, most updates, or only what Facebook determines to be most important based on Facebook Edge Rank.

Why allow the Subscribe feature?

Image Courtesy of Facebook © 2012
Many celebrities, public figures, and individuals who receive many friend requests can become overwhelmed and in the past have used both a “Page” and “Personal Profile” on Facebook. The subscribe option allows these users to manage the posts for the public, and for personal relationships or friends all on the same interface. The option allows users to choose what is best for their personal needs, instead of operating two separate Facebook sites, they are able to please both the public, as well as communicate on a more personal level with friends. If you feel that your situation is similar to these described above, then the Subscribe option may be a decision to consider.

How can I make it possible for others to subscribe to my Profile?

In order to allow Subscribers for your own personal page, follow the steps below:
  1. On your profile, click the “About” section.
  2. In the top left hand corner next to your thumbnail sized profile picture, click on the “About” drop down menu, and then select “Subscribers” or "Following" (if you are subscribed to other people your option will be "following").
  3. You will be given the option to “Allow Subscribers” or "Turn on Follow".
  4. Once you allow subscribers, the following menu will become available to further edit your settings.

What if I decide that I no longer want subscribers, can I turn the feature off?

If you for some reason choose that you no longer would like users to be able to subscribe to your profile, it is quick and simple to change. Once you have decided to allow subscribers, the following menu will be available when you edit your subscriber settings through the steps above. To turn off the subscribe option, simply select “Off.”


If you feel that this option is for you, then it offers some key benefits that a regular “Add Friend” option does not. For example, using this option, your posts that are public then become searchable within Facebook. This means that users searching for content related to what you posted about may find your post when a keyword is searched. Also, it reaches a wider audience. In addition, it minimizes the time and effort it may take you to go through each and every Facebook request you receive. As far as cons, I have yet to find any substantial downfalls to using the subscribe option, but use the following links and decide for yourself.

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