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NFL NFC Team Facebook Pages to Like


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Washington Redskins
NFL NFC Team Facebook Pages to Like
Image Courtesy of Facebook © 2012
The Washington Redskins Facebook page utilizes Ustream, Redskins Rally, Instagram, Twitter, Tickets, and NFL Fan Zone in applications. They had a 1 million fan meter, but they’ve recently reached one million likes on Facebook, and therefore closed out the application. The Redskins Rally application is literally an application businesses can fill out to become authorized as an official Redskins venue for game viewing, etc. It’s a way for local fans to connect, showing upcoming rallies at different spots where people can gather and hang out, talk Redskins football, and watch highlights or a game. They host contests with exclusive video of top players and they send out requests to follow on other social media. Redskins’ Facebook posts average between 4-6 per day.
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