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Facebook Apps

Learn how to use Facebook apps, for fun and for business, that utilize some of the best features and information within Facebook.

Review: Time Rabbit App

App Review: Facebook Nearby

Facebook Pages Manager - An App to Easily Manage Your Facebook Page
Facebook Pages Manager is an app that helps administrators manage their Facebook pages from their iPhone or iPad. Pages Manager makes it easy to access all of your pages, wherever you are.

Facebook Social Jobs App

Review: Facebook Poke App
A comparison of Facebook Poke app to Snapchat.

What You Need To Know About Facebook Messenger

Use Good Sort Facebook App to Find Your Best Page Posts
Learn about how to use the Good Sort app to discover the best posts on your Facebook page.

Facebook Launches Developers Hub

How to Run a Facebook Cover Photo Contest

How to Give Gifts Using Facebook

Facebook Rolls Out Testing Phase for Automatic Photo Syncing to iOS
A small group of iOS users are getting the chance to see how their photos can be automatically synced and uploaded to their Facebook profiles.

Facebook Launches New Social Job-hunting App
There had bee rumors floating around for quite a while that Facebook was working on eventually introducing some kind of job board feature, and today Facebook announced its official launch.

6 Ways Facebook Has Changed Politics
Here are six ways that Facebook and its users have forever changed the face of politics, including the use of apps.

10 Things You Need to Know About the Facebook App Center
Facebook App Center is a new place for people to find social apps.

How to Use Facebook Questions to Engage Your Fans and Friends
Facebook Questions is an app that lets you get recommendations, conduct polls and learn from your friends and other people on Facebook.

How to Add a Facebook Like Button to any Website
Adding a Facebook Like button to any website is easy; it involves inserting a short snippet of code that Facebook provides into the HTML code of any third-party website.

How to Build a Facebook App
If you want to write a Facebook app for your Facebook page but don't know where to begin, here is how to get started.

Color - Facebook App to Share Live Video Broadcasts and Photos
Color is an app that allows users to instantly capture and share live video broadcasts and photos with family and friends via Facebook, iOS and Android.

Yoke - Facebook App for Dating
Review of the third-party Facebook dating app, Yoke.

SimCity Social for Facebook Review
SimCity Social on Facebook is a more simplified version of the city-building simulation game series pioneered by Electronic Arts.

Facebook Camera Review: Edit, Upload Multiple Photos to Facebook
Facebook Camera for iOS is a new standalone photo sharing app that Facebook launched in May 2012 to easily upload new and browse current Facebook photos.

Job Search Facebook Apps
Facebook Applications for Job Searching

Restrict Facebook Application Access
How to restrict Facebook application access or remove applications from your Facebook account.

CareerFriend Facebook App
CareerFriend uses your Facebook friends employment information to find potential job opportunities within your network.

BeKnown Facebook App from Monster
Monster's Facebook app BeKnown provides an easy way for job seekers to search for and apply for jobs without leaving Facebook.

11 Best Facebook Applications for Doing Business
Facebook Applications for Selling, Promoting, Meeting & More

Build for Facebook Mobile
Let users find and connect to their friends in mobile apps and games.

Building Apps on Facebook
Integrate with Facebook's core experience by building apps that operate within Facebook.

Tout Video App Review
Tout.com, the Video Sharing App for iPhone and Android

Social Cam Review: Easy Video Sharing, Annoying Facebook App
SocialCam, the popular video-sharing app for smart phones, has irksome Facebook integration.

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